whipple^russell architects

Previously known as Russell Group Architects, whipple^russell architects present a perfect example of how marketing can give you better control of your business experience as well as your success.  We tell our clients the most important reason to market yourself is to be able to select the customers you want.  In the case of a thriving boutique architectural firm, the kinds of projects are often more important than the number.  Even though w^r had more than 45 museum projects under their belt, high-end residential projects were generating powerful word-of-mouth and a professional satisfaction that Marc Whipple wanted to nurture and grow. 

We designed and continue to execute a complete brand strategy that showcases the spectrum of what we do @The Story Studio including:

  • a character brief
  • a new name
  • market positioning
  • a communication strategy including:
    • blog oversight
    • website copy
    • social media
    • business development
    • editorial pitches