VO Express

Cope Management VO Express

The Story Studio had been a client of Debbie Cope and Cope Management for many years, hiring her voice-over talent on a regular basis.  She managed only the cream of the crop and her expertise allowed us to cast and book her topnotch talent effortlessly and efficiently.  So when she came to us 8 years ago to develop a brand strategy and help give it life, we knew her digital initiative had to make auditioning and booking her stable of talent 24/7 even more effortless and efficient.  It is a measure of our success that her website is still interactively relevant 8 years later.

We also sought to stage Cope Management behind a name that could stand on its own and provide recognition equity should she ever decide to sell the business.  The name VO Express serves this purpose with its double meaning: expressing your creative with the best talent and putting your voice-over production on the express track.

Services delivered and performed:

  • a brand promise
  • market positioning
  • market strategy
  • an exit strategy
  • renaming the company
  • serving as co-creative director of website design and user experience