Point 360

Luke Stefanko, Chairman and CEO of VDI Multimedia, had gone on an acquisition binge.  When the dust settled, he had 700 employees and 5 division presidents working away in a various cities.  They each had their own unique cultures and way of transacting business.  Luke’s vision was to roll all of their capabilities up into one offer.  He came to us to help him bring this vision to dynamic life and to do it fast: their stock was falling and it was vital to turn a gain on Wall Street, stabilize his customer base and excite employees made anxious by the acquisitions.  

When we were done, their stock value jumped 300%.  We call this a branding ace.  (Monkey likes to play a lot of tennis.)

We delivered:

  • naming (of the company and divisions)
  • a character brief
  • a launch strategy
  • brand architecture
  • a culture change strategy
  • an employee dog & pony
  • a fund manager dog & pony

Alan Steel, CFO, Point.360

"These were the most effective dollars we spent in making the transition to our new business and market space."