My Country

My Country Campaign for Via World Wide and CMT

John Ridgway, creative director and founder of Novocom and Via World Wide, called on us to create a brand strategy for his redesign of the Country Music Television brand.

Services performed:

  • Researched and compiled data and analysis on the competitive and corporate position of CMT and their participants in the brand value chain -- viewers, cable MSO's, programmers, stars and management, recording companies, merchandisers and advertisers.
  • Developed synergistic strategies between the CMT brand and the Viacom companies, including CBS and CBS Cable, MTV and VH1, Infinity Radio and Outdoor, Paramount and Blockbuster.
  • Wrote and presented to CMT a final Creative and Strategy Brief.

@The Story Studio developed a powerful new branding approach that addressed the concerns of everyone who mattered at Country Music Television. Their contributions didn't just add to our presentation - they squared it. The fusion of language and images was far more than the sum of its parts. There was such a clear connection between their brief and our visual design that the client could easily see how and why the future of the brand would unfold.