Automotive Personality Brand Josh Hancock

Josh Hancock was never your typical teamster on a movie set.  He was “that funny picture car coordinator” who held a degree in automotive marketing from Northwood University.  So it is not surprising that he evolved into a consultant and advisor for producers, studios and all flavors of the automotive industry.  He truly operates at the intersection of Hollywood and Detroit.   One day he might be on the set of Entourage and on the next, co-hosting a radio show for Car and Driver.  Austin Power’s Shaguar, Hannibal Lector’s Hummer, Gone in 60 Second’s Eleanor and The Cat in the Hat's wild wheels are more than mere vehicles: they are screen stars that Josh created. 

Josh first came to us to develop an identity that he could grow into a personality brand.  And because his passion for the automotive world is matched only by his love for people and making them laugh, we knew we were in for a fun ride.  We helped him secure sponsorship for his web radio show, a television show runner and a series on The History Channel.  Out of these platforms grew appearances at Auto Shows, a co-hosting slot on Car and Driver Radio Saturday mornings and a byline at the LA Times. 

Now he’s come back to us to hone even further his identity as America’s funny, on-the-go Automotive Stylist and Therapist. 

We delivered:

Phase One

  • a character brief
  • a strategy brief
  • television show concept
  • sponsorship proposals
  • relationship capital

Phase Two

  • revise the character brief
  • develop the strategy
  • created a media strategy – social, mobile, Internet
  • sponsorship proposals
  • market reading