iOn Shopper

Odyssey Technology

Odyssey approached us to create a name for their mobile technology targeting retail markets.  That was just the beginning of a relationship that engaged us through their entire identity evolution.

Services performed:

  • Created the product name umbrella, iOn, positioning them to eventually expand beyond their entry grocery market space into other retail spaces.
  • Established the proprietary model named Purecasting for individually targeted permission marketing at the moment of purchase decision.
  • Secured H Design to develop the user logic and GUI for the iOn handheld platform and worked with the designers to ensure consistency with the branding strategy.
  • Managed the logo and website design and production.
  • Developed sales and investor presentation strategies, including brochure design and production of a sales video starring Jean Smart.

Kevin Asay, V.P. Marketing and Business Development, Odyssey Technology

"They did a wonderful job in capturing the value intrinsic to our company and the promise it holds."

"They were able to articulate a very complex value proposition to every audience that was crucial to us, helping us in virtually every relationship we've formed. Through their work with Odyssey we were able to develop and exploit our business model to the utmost. Their ability to turn an idea around quickly and express it clearly and powerfully constantly amazed us."