Gus Dallas Presents the Good Life

When we want an ideal case study for explaining our methodology, we bring Gus Dallas onstage, front and center.  In public presentations of our brand philosophy, Gus Dallas presents The Good Life illustrates with perfect clarity how brands are given life @The Story Studio.  Of course, a name like Gus Dallas (that is actually his moniker!) is splendid inspiration for a theatrically elegant brand.

Based in Los Angeles, Gus is a wholesale rep for quality tableware, housewares and gifts.  Together we developed an investor pitch for creating a Gus Dallas presents The Good Life franchise.  Even though the franchise idea was put on hold, this brand concept was integrated into his market identity and continues to explain our process beautifully.  His cartoon 50's-retro-style never ages and, yes, the real Gus Dallas looks and sings like Bing Crosby!

We delivered:

  • a name
  • a character brief
  • a strategy brief
  • a brand identity
  • an investor pitch