Beth Lapides

Comedienne Beth Lapides and her producer/husband Greg Miller engaged us to help them prepare the way for Beth's stage show.  This required shifting the focus away from their other creative enterprises -- the Un-Cabaret Show, the Un-Cabaret Workshop and the Other Network -- to Beth herself.   We call this process re-organizing the sock drawer.  They have a lot of socks.

We helped develop her promise: come with me and you'll be my laughing partner-in-change.  From this we developed a central positioning: Beth Lapides -- putting the Ha! in cHAnge.  This positioning skews nicely when targeting their individual market segments, such as yoga lovers: Beth Lapides -- putting the om in comedy.  We elevated to the role of Brand Mothership.  Beth had a perfect image in her archives that we dusted off and which Greg placed in all of the digital platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  We picked the yoga community as the most addressable and appropriate market segment for launching Beth's new initiative. generating her popular byline, My Other Car is a Yoga Mat!

 Services we are still delivering:

  • brainstorming
  • a brand promise
  • a brand architecture
  • a market positioning
  • a communication strategy
  • brand therapy
  • general mayhem (she insists on this)