What We've Done

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Our creative career has been a winding journey that began in broadcast television talent relations and advertising and promotion.  The 90's transported us into the dizzying explosion of cable's 500 channel (and beyond) universe, television syndication, home video distribution and the beginnings of new media.  (Remember those CD-ROMs that used to land on your desk in the morning mail?)

All of this was quickly dwarfed by juggernaut game changers like Napster, Internet search, video-on-demand, emerging technology, interactive games, user interfaces, open source everything--all of which spawned the mergers of old and new media companies. We rode tall in the Wild West venture capital culture and its start-up-to-IPO frenzy.  We nimbly sidestepped the burst of the dot-com bubble...

...and we are now up to our digital armpits in the upslope that rose out of the rubble: the high-flying twitch-and-twitter explosion of social media, earned media, mobile media, media-media everywhere. 2000-teens is a perfect decade to be strategy consultants--and The Story Studio gathers the perfect consultants for the decade.

Our distinctive experience arc has prepared us to help our clients stride into the conversation stream with an authentic unique brand experience staged in a compelling, action-and-results-producing way.

Enjoy our Logo Show, featuring those ambitious entities we have been privileged to serve creatively on our way to becoming premiere small business consultants.

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