Our Goals: 
Brainstorming at its best illuminates the unique value and most compelling characteristics of your offer.  Our goal is to accelerate your go-to-market efforts by producing powerful ideas delivered in ready-to-use formats.

Our Menu of Supporting Characters: 
The Story Studio is a brand consultancy which brings an array of successful talent to the brainstorming process.  Sitting at the table might be a writer, a designer, a comedian, a technologist, a researcher, an illustrator, a marketer, a business coach, a stylist, a chef, a musician, and a media trainer.  Your project needs will determine which unique mix of fearless creatives gather to group-think on your behalf.

What We Brainstorm:
Anything that is part of creating a brand experience is fair game: brand promises, brand architecture, products, services, market strategy, positioning, names, promotions, campaign concepts, events, user interfaces, narratives, transaction loops.

Our Process:

Pre-Storm: Design, schedule and budget brainstorming. Develop facilitation stimulus and agenda.
Day One: 4-hour session with our selected team and your designated executives.
Day Two: 2-hour session with our selected team.
Ready to Use Deliverables:  4 working days after session.
The deliverables match the task at hand and can include:
  • Naming Mini-Brief
  • Positioning Mini-Brief
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Brief
  • Campaign Concepts
  • Target Market Segments
  • Go-To Market Strategy Brief
  • Look & Feel Concept Boards
  • Brainstorm Transcription
  • Whiteboard Images