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This blog entry is from a long facebook post I wrote as a response to a conversation chain about the Rolling Stone Cover featuring the Boston Bomber. What emergered was the future.

A TEDGlobal fellow for 2012 and a new friend of ours, Catarina Mota, is a passionate advocate of tinkering and the principles of open sourcing. She is co-founder of, and the site,, which is celebrating Hardware Freedom Day on April 20 in Lisbon, Portugal. Okay, it’s a bit of a schlep – but if you can make it, there will be lively discussions and constructive hacking by all.

The dictionary may still define tinkering as mindless fiddling around, but anyone knows that creative endeavors from architecture to poetry require the practice, and a lot of it. We celebrate those individuals who can look at what is in the world now and build something new from those parts.

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