About Us

@The Story Studio is a brand and content creation consultancy run by Emily Aiken.  A roster of supporting characters is always in the wings, ready to bring onstage a huge range of skills as demanded project-to-project.  Clients include personality brands, experiential design and architecture firms, technology, Internet, new media and service companies. Once a brand and marketing strategy is developed, Emily directs her cast of talented strategists, producers, designers, programmers, writers, researchers and specialists as needed to stage the client's offer most effectively in the marketplace.  The gathering of these aces in one glorious brainstorm session is awesome to witness, transforming The Story Studio into whiteboard heaven!

Our Founder@The Story Studio

Emily Aiken grew up in the heart of the Silicon Valley just as it was forming.  The Bay Area pulsed with innovation, a we-can-do-anything certainty that made accomplishing the impossible seem like something you did before breakfast -- just to show you could. It is an actual Silcon Valley gene that Emily carries in her DNA. In 1976, with her yellow Super Beetle packed like a maxed-out Tetris game and a still-smoking Theater Arts Design degree clutched in her hand, Emily moved to Los Angeles to begin an entertainment career at NBC.  Her ambition to become an Art Director took a left turn as she was pulled into Creative Services and Talent Relations.  There she wrote, produced and directed electronic press events, on-air promotion and behind-the scene featurettes, then stepped sideways to do the same at ABC/CapCities and KABC-TV.  In 1992, Emily returned to her Silicon Valley roots to study business and the mechanics of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and power through the groundbreaking Hecht & Associates curriculum, The SPC (now called The AJI Network.)

The Egg that became @The Story Studio

In 1994, Emily co-founded, Edgewise Communications, an advertising and promotion boutique specializing in television and trade campaigns, Edgewise boasted a client roster that included NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, The WB, Warner Bros., Warner Bros. International Channels, The Disney Channel, Universal, and Buena Vista Television (featuring properties such as Oprah, Friends, Access Hollywood, Touched By An Angel, Good Morning America and Everybody Loves Raymond).

In 1998, Edgewise was discovered by leading-edge technology firms seeking an entertainment industry sensibility in their marketing and business development efforts. A new division of Edgewise rolled up its sleeves to build brand and communication tools for companies such as Sun Microsystems' Media-Server Division, Digital Equipment Corporation's developer community, Pragmatica's software launch and Odyssey Technologies' wireless product launch.  By the year 2000, the success of this brand strategy and creation business led to a natural re-positioning of the company: Edgewise became @The Story Studio, where brands get a life.

Creative Director & Exective Producer of Video Content

As a collaborator @The Story Studio, Judie Stillman relishes her domain of all things video.  Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Judie has a sixth sense for what’s essential, natural, and authentic - a perfect fit with At The Story Studio’s philosophy and practice.

A Writer, Producer and Creative Director with more than 20 years of hands-on Hollywood experience, she has promoted and marketed entertainment’s biggest brands, (Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Phil, ABC, NBC, CBS and more). Judie now brings her finely-tuned creative approach and high-end style to a wide spectrum of clients from large corporations to small service-based businesses. 

From A-list celebrities to camera shy, video virgins, Judie is an natural interviewer.  The secret to her success is that she truly listens and actually cares about her subject’s story.  Along with an award-winning video crew, she minds every detail from make-up and sets, to lighting and camera angles, putting each person at ease so they can confidently be the star of their own video, and have fun doing it.

In the editing process, all those years of selecting the perfect soundbite, crafting spot-on scripts, and developing stunning visuals pays off for all Judie’s clients in the form of compelling, creative, and effective videos.